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Monday, November 14, 2011

Brooke's Cloth Diaper Adventure

Around this time last year I started to research everything I could about cloth diapers. It had become obvious that Brooke would be in diapers for life. I ended finding a family owned store in Pittsburgh and made my first purchase from them in February 2011.

Brooke started out using prefolds and old fashioned cloth diapers wrapped around microfiber inserts with waterproof Bummis covers. Then I started looking at different websites and found BumGenius diapers for a great price from They were called all-in-ones were basically just like disposables. I ended up getting all of the colors.

Through CafeMom I found a woman who was having a buy one, get one half sale so I ordered some custom diapers from her. For awhile, these all seemed to work but occasionally we had some leaking problems. I had found a bunch of cloth diaper pages on facebook so I searched through this pages until I found someone who had very reasonable prices. Chunky Monkey Products was the winner and she was great to work with. I got a dozen custom diapers, two wet bags and a few mama cloth pads for myself. These have been th best diapers made by a work at home mom.

I also have purchased other brands such as Goodmama, PLUMP, Sunbaby and Alva Baby. Right now Brooke wears the cloth diapers when she's home. I'm working on finding enough to send to school so that she wears them there as well.

I definitely wish I had started using cloth diapers on Sydney. It's the best addiction I've ever had!


Bummis covers....the big multi colored circles is a swim diaper...had 5 solid colored covers but gave them to someone who wanted to try cloth diapers on her son and plus the covers were too tight for Brooke)

Everything in the cart

Chunky Monkey Products AI2 diapers....waterproof shell with removable inserts

Top to bottom, left to right: BumGenius (gave all 7 to a child who needed them more than Brooke, Coolababy, Cooshie Tooshies and Crazy Critters

Top to bottom, left to right: Drybees, WAHM, Nattie's Nappies and Rainforest Babies

Top to bottom, left to right: Sunbaby (have 4), WAHM and Tooter Bugs

Top to bottom, left to right: Fuzzibunz microfiber inserts, Kissaluvs booster doublers, Child of Mine padded cloth diapers and Child of Mine regular cloth diapers (gave half of my Child of Mine stash to someone who wanted to try cloth diapers on her son)

Fleece soakers....wear over fitted diapers which don't have a waterproof lining or cover

Goodmama fitted them all least $145 worth of diapers for approximately $50

J&J dipes....sold them all but I love the fabrics

PLUMP Diapers

Cloth Diaper Detergent

Wetbags...waterproof on the inside...Bummis on the left and the other two are Chunky Monkey Products

Top to bottom, left to right: Booty Butter (have a regular size and a sample size), Osocozy flannel wipes, CJ's BUTTer (have 4 sample sizes) and honey chunks to make a cleaning solution


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  1. i can see how this could be an addiction. i love all the different fabric patterns.