Brooke Makenzie McLarty's journey from the NICU to our home.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bond, Dr. Bond

After having a meeting with the nurse at Brooke's school, we decided to consider the idea of getting Brooke a G-tube. It's also referred to as a Mickey button. Whenever Brooke gets a stuffy nose and/or sick, she doesn't like to drink her bottles or eat off of a spoon. She has had problems gaining and keeping weight on since she turned one year old.

We met with a pediatric surgeon and so far he's on board. We still need to consult with several other specialists before making a final decision. Hopefully if we do deicde to go through with it, we get it done before Christmas. That way we have someone to watch Sydney because I will want to be with Brooke as much as possible.

Dr. Bond mentioned that Brooke will need to have an upper GI done so that we can see if she has any reflux problems. I know I'm missing other pieces of information so whenever I remember them, I'll add them.

By the way, his middle name is James. :-D


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  1. those are some very big decisions. i sincerely hope that all goes well for you and your little girl as you make them.

    we've never met or talked with each other. so it may seem strange to get a comment from me. i just wanted to let you know that i care.