Brooke Makenzie McLarty's journey from the NICU to our home.

Monday, April 30, 2012

A Sort of Quick Update

It's been two months since I last updated. I'll start with Sydney. Originally we were planning on sending her to pre-k instead of kindergarten. In March, we were both helpers for her preschool class and her teacher said that she's made a lot of improvements since Christmas. Her teacher felt that Sydney would do great in kindergarten. She has her orientation on April 20. She's interacting with her peers more and seems to be talking more with the kids. Sharing is a big thing that we work on since she doesn't have anyone to share with at home. She's becoming more protective of Brooke. One time, she spent the night in Brooke's room. She talked to Brooke for several hours before falling asleep. It warms my heart to see her trying to interact with Brooke more. She is a fabulous big sister!

Brooke has been doing well with her g-tube. Since her January appointment, she's been at 29-30 lbs. This week we've been dealing with a sick Brooke. On Tuesday, she was fussy before school but there was no mention of fussiness while she was at school. Later that night she ended up spitting up and had a temperature. I managed to get her temperature down but when she got up Wednesday morning, it was back up. My plan was to just keep her home and to monitor her fever. She threw up so I called the doctor. We took her in the afternoon and she was tested for several things. She was swabbed for strep and had an X-ray done for pneumonia. Fortunately both of those came back negative. Her doctor noticed that she had a tiny bit of liquid in her right ear but that may have been caused by all of her congestion. Sydney and I are allergic to amoxicillin so he was ok with Brooke getting a different antibiotic. Sadly my insurance doesn't cover what was prescribed so we'll call in the morning to get another script. Hopefully the antibiotic will prevent her from getting an ear infection.

This is something I've probably already said but I'll say it again. I am constantly amazed at the excellent health our daughters have. Most of friends are dealing with horrendous illnesses and for some, it never ends. We are extremely blessed that our girls haven't had to experience anything horrible.....yet. Growing up I was rarely sick so maybe they got their kick ass immune systems from me. :)

I haven't been feeling well lately but I'm going to the doctor today (Thursday) and hopefully I'll figure out what's up. I have a feeling I know what it is. :)

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